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YKT Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd emerged in 2010 with the goal of offering a cost effective product line at the highest quality standards for metal and palstic products. We are proud to serves for Aerospace, Defense, Medical instruments, bio-tech,automotive, motocycle, communications, military, industrial&robotics, Oil exploration and Consumer Electronics area parts machining.

YKT Metal Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
YKT Metal Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

Our focus is on long term relationships with customers. We use modern machinery and the latest technology to produce high caliber products. From the product materials to the surface finish process, quality and satisfaction are the number one concerns for our customers. Quoting and Delivery Our typical quoting time is 1-3 days, which can vary depending on how many different parts you want quoted and if the material is easy to source. The time to delivery is typically 2-3 weeks from receipt of order. If you need an urgent delivery, tell us so we can quote it appropriately. We can hand deliver the parts to you by FEDEX/UPS/DHL, also sea shipment is available.

Email is the best way to communicate with us! PDF/ CAD .igs/step file will be work.

  • E-mail:
    ykt@vip.163.com, sales@yktmetal.com
  • TEL:
    +86 134 2843 1041
  • Address:
    No.3, Block B ,Xinzhou Industrial Area, Xinhe street, Wangjiang District,Dongguan City,523061,China
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